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Measuring lactate in real-time, how does it work?

Updated: Jan 22

Lactate can be found in sweat. The IDRO device captures your sweat and consists of 3 different sensors. When the sweat comes into contact with the sensors, we can measure the pH, temperature and lactate of your sweat in real-time. No more painful needles and interrupting your excercise to now the lactate values. With IDRO this can now be done non-invasively in sweat.

In the video above you can see how the IDRO sensor works. The sweat drops go into the sensor, they react with the different electrodes, the signal is processed by the IDRO hardware and you can read-out your lactate (+ pH and temperature) values in real-time on the IDRO app.

The IDRO device

The IDRO beta-sensor consists of an electrodic reader, a sampling cell and sensing electrodes. The sensing electrodes are disposable and have to be changed after every measurement (which can take up to several hours).

Real-time lactate is now available!

Measuring lactate has never been easy, until now, since with the IDRO device you can measure lactate in sweat. This allows real-time, non-invasive and continuous measurments.

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