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The IDRO reader has an ergonomic design and collects electrical signals from the lactate sensors. This system applies the IDRO algorithm and sends near real-time lactate data to the mobile app giving clear visualization and genuine insight.

The lactate sensors are the measuring elements of the IDRO system, that actively measure lactate in sweat. These sensors provide you with data when encountered with sweat.

  • Best Value

    IDRO System beta phase

    Make it yours
    • Continuous Lactate Values
    • Non-invasive Technology
    • Embedded Sports Performance Algorithms
    • 100h of battery life
  • Sensor Arrays (10 pcs)

    Sensing Electrodes
    • Unique Robust Composition
    • IDRO Sweat Sensing Technology
    • Easy to Handle Disposable
    • + 15 years of embdedded R&D
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