Lactate threshold is a term used across all sports, and it is one of the most used metrics in the world of training by athletes and coaches worldwide. The last decade, there has been a significant interest in the development of wearable sweat sensors to monitor sweat content like sodium, chloride potassium and lactate concentrations. These developments made it possible to measure the sweat content in real-time. With our new wearable sensors and patches, we direct old sweat from the sensor and allow fresh sweat to travel in. These new insights give us real-time measurements and eliminate the influence of sweat rate. 

For opportunities in the HealthCare market, please get in touch. Lactate is an indicator for kidney and liver problems amongst others and could signal the early stages of decubitus and sepsis. 

You can communicate with our specialized team in biochemical analyses, wearable design for microfluidic and exercise science.   


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